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We are the best car hire in Madeira

We know the difference is in the details, that’s why our car rental services, in the tourism and business industry, stand out for their quality. We try our best to keep the quality on top and always learning how to improve the service to our clients.

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Free delivery at the airport

If you rent any car for 7 days or more, we will deliver and pick up the car at the airport for free.

FREE Madeira Map

When renting the car with us if you want we can give you a free Madeira map, just ask for it!

Documents needed

You just need your driver's license and your ID to rent a car with us!

Knowing Madeira Island

One of the best ways of discovering Madeira is by driving your own car. Our roads are good and safe, and the roads are well signed so you don't get lost. With your car you will have the desired freedom you look for when you're on holidays! Don't depend on pick ups from other people, start your day whenever you want.


Some Features

Same Level of Fuel

The fuel policy is to return with the same amount as you received.


The rental price includes Taxes & Full Insurance. We don't ask for credit card or deposit. There's no hidden charges!

Free Delivery in Funchal

Rent with us and we will deliver the car at your Hotel without any cost (even for one day rentals).


You drive to adventures, we get it. We and our roadside assistance partners are available around the clock.

Best price

When renting with us you will get the best price offer for your car

Rental process

Simple process for booking a car. Just fill the date of pick up, return, type of car and your email, and it's booked! You will have the car waiting for you when you arrive!